Ventura Boutique Hotel combines elegant classical style and comfort for business travel and relaxing stay in a unique informal atmosphere. Own brewery for live beer, stylish Italian furniture, oak flooring and stone facade – these are the hallmarks of Ventura Boutique hotel worthy evaluated as “BUILDING OF THE YEAR” in the category “City Hotel” for 2009 and “Boutique Hotel” for 2010 by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association.
Own brewery, Italian furniture and oak flooring, large attic space as a Gothic cathedral, a stone facade and …. a huge industrial brick chimney. These are the hallmarks of a Boutique Hotel “Ventura” in the quarter Asparukhovo. And what does the brick chimney do? He stands there since the late 40s of last century. Then the building was built for the neighborhood as a steam Soviet model. Served 19 blocks in which lived specialists involved in the construction of Varna Shipyard. Then steam generator with smoking chimney was a symbol of the industrial revolution.
Today the reconstructed building is a symbol of revolution in tourism. “The building was abandoned 30 years ago. And massive reconstruction lasted from 2006 to 2008. The external brick walls that are 50 cm thick. It was built new supporting structure. We created all floor levels, the roof was completely replaced. The facade of the building is covered with stone, and above it stands a brick chimney. It is now used for ventilation. The hotel’s interior is of Italian oak flooring and doors, granite and marble, ceramics and wrought iron. The complete solution of the interior in the style of contrasting lightness – light-colored wood floor and cladding elements and ease the elements of furniture.
The hotel is part of the ensemble of 19 Russian apartment buildings located on the south bank of the canal of sea-lake in the quarter Asparukhovo.


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Attractive and unique … Here you can enjoy a glass of live beer!
Good nutrition is perhaps the most sensual way to enjoy life – a fact that will certainly experience when having lunch or dinner restaurant “Ventura”. Our chef has selected some of the most delicious traditional and contemporary recipes, which will pleasantly surprise you.
“Ventura” has 100 seats divided into three rooms, decorated with avant-garde necessary color and individualism.

LIVE BEER „Gallagher”

If you are looking for something new, genuine and rare, you’ll find us at Ventura Boutique hotel!
On an area of 200 square meters is located own brewery producing beer alive.


Gallery Hall is a unique type of ballroom ideal for wedding celebrations, a place with its own standards of luxury and extravagance. On previous hosted many wedding ceremonies, we believe that each wedding is unique, so pay attention to detail. Think of us as additional wedding consultant who will answer your desires with elegant and perfectly organized party.


Arrival of ‘Hemus’ highway and Varna airport

After crossing the welcoming sign of the city continue straight. The central avenue you are driving on is named Vladislav Varnenchik and will take you to a large T-shaped intersection in the center of town. At this junction you must turn right past the Cathedral, which is located on your right side and continue straight following the direction of the city of Burgas.

Continue driving straight Asparuhov bridge and after you pass under it drop into the right to Asparuhovo and continue straight. After about 2.0 km reach V – shaped intersection, which left direction takes you to the Hotel Ventura’s Street “Mara Taseva.” On the right side you will see a beautiful building with a stone facade and front parking to Hotel Ventura. Welcome!