If you are looking for something new, genuine and rare, you’ll find us at Ventura Boutique hotel!
On an area of ​​200 square meters is located own brewery producing beer alive.
The art of making beer is as old as it is kneading bread.
What really is it? Unlike ordinary, live beer is not filtered, thus maintaining the part of the brewer’s yeast. “Live” beer does not know any process pasteurization or preservatives. It keeps the fresh taste of malt and hops, and kind of looks thick and cloudy.
The process of manufacture, installation and brewers can be observed directly from Ventura restaurant greets you with a refined atmosphere, selected meals, a selection of wines and drinks.
Gallagher live beer can be purchased from the lobby of the Boutique hotel Ventura.

For more information:
0887 / 38 19 09


  • Beer brings out carcinogenic substances from the body and reduces the risk of cancer
  • Beer extracts have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Beer does not contain cholesterol and has a low sugar content
  • Beer protects the body from radiation
  • Beer contains substances that stimulate the immune system and the hormone of happiness. It is certified anti-depressant
  • Beer has a low calorific value
  • One of the most delightful aspects of the beer is that it combines perfectly with all kinds of foods. Sip of iced beer makes better sense for the dish.